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Subconscious Mind Workshop – Subconscious Mind Classes in Delhi

Our subconscious mind is a storehouse of infinite power and wisdom.


Ever thought why some people keep facing failures, disappointments and scarcity where as for others life is a gift of abundance, a blessing, a journey of success ?


All of this depends on the programs, beliefs, imprints of our subconscious mind classes.


If you learn to use the power of subconscious mind, you can change every dream into reality. It is the time for learning, activating and channelising the power within you !


Subconscious mind is like a garden, the seeds of success and courage have to be planted, to keep away the frustration from growing!



  • Explore the power of sub – conscious mind.
  • Understand and attract the law of success and prosperity.
  • Clear blocks to happiness, prosperity and success.
  • Build magnificent confidence.
  • Get inspired to achieve limitless success.
  • Discover the blue print of the rich people’s mind.
  • Get an opportunity to change your beliefs.


Decide what you want to be, a VICTIM or VICTOR ?


You are on this website, reading this, clearly show cases that it is your time to witness the transformation in your life !
More power to you, go and experience the CHANGE !


The manual and certification of the completed course will be provided.


Duration: 2 Days


Fee Structure: 7500/-