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Money Mantra Workshop

”Money is usually attracted, not pursued !” Come, Be with us to learn the art of attracting money from the entire universe ! Experience the joy of being able to control your money ! The money mantra workshop will be conducted by the experts from the industry. It is a bridge from ‘where you are now to where YOU want to be’ !


”If you are going to work hard, you may as well get rich and the faster, the better. ” Have money to invest, but don’t know where? Interested in stock markets? Have extra money to save for a brighter future? Want to know which shares will do the best? We have answers to all your questions related to how…


Have ideas to expand your business? No investments? We at, ‘Mantra For Abundance’ provide a platform for you tofull fill your dreams and materialise your ideas by organising Sessions with Venture Capitalists. It is a bridge between your ideas and the money needed to implement them!


Are you in stock market? Do you fear being in loss? Want to learn some basic tips about stock market? The do’s and don’ts? Here is your chance! A good investment is when you can ensure that that you have chosen the right stocks after analysing the prospects of different companies and industries, a stock market consultant can help you do that more effectively and accurately!


‘’Be your own doctor‘’ Dr. Edward Bach discovered that flowers in nature have the ability to affect our emotions positively. The energies from different flowers can remove our emotional pains and sufferings. The Bach Flower Remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medication and are safe for everyone including Childern, pregnant women, pets, elderly and even the plants.


Our subconscious mind is a storehouse of infinite power and wisdom. Ever thought why some people keep facing failures, disappointments and scarcity where as for others life is a gift of abundance , a blessing, a journey of success? If you learn to use the power of subconscious mind, you can change every dream into reality. It is the time for learning, activating and channelising the power within you !


It is the ability to attract anything and everything we want in our life. The mechanism of this law, works in a way where the power of our mind is used to translate whatever is n our thoughts and materialise them into reality. OUR THOUGHTS TURN INTO REAL THINGS. Are you ready for this magic?? Willing to exploit this power in you? Come and experience the magic in yourself and create the power in you to make things for real.

Theta Healing

Theta healing, an attainable miracle for your life , it gives you the ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in an instant. It involves techniques used to program the conscious mind. Identifying and unblocking belief systems that are blocking your path to wellness. It is the ability to experience an opening to receive the unconditional love of the Creator of all that Is.