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There is a range of wellness soaps. These soaps are handmade shea butter, glycerine soaps. They have bach flower medicines embedded in them, regular usage of these soaps ensures your well-being. So it is time to replace your existing old school soaps into these effective remedy soaps.

Chakra Healing Candles

Spread the positive vibe all around, these candles help you lite the aura of your surroundings, with these spiritual candles ignite the power in you and attain everything that you can think of, these energized candles help by creating the ultimate aura for you to be able to easily connect to the to that ultimate energy source and attract anything and everything.

Energised Plants

Indore plants which have been activated and energized to keep the aura of the surrounding clean, it inculcates positivity and well-being.Plants after all are our best friends, so it is a wise decision to have them around as much as you can, let your money and abundance grow with them.